Hello world!

First post! What up everyone I go by Nero The Hero, I love gaming and watching Let’s Plays…so I decided to start my own YouTube channel and a blog to go with it! Ideally I’ll be hosting my let’s play videos on here as well for people to watch. I’ll be posting some video of my rig once I’m nice and settled…

I moved to Las Vegas with my fiancee about 6 months ago, and due to certain circumstances, we have to move again! So it might be a little bit before I can start posting consistently.

Not to worry though, because once I do..it will be awesome! This time next month I’ll have a legitimate creative space so I can let my videos and artwork flow freely.

Stay tuned y’all…it’s gonna get crazy.


6 responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you play! What is your favorite genre?

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    1. Thanks for the comment! That’s a really good question…I would have to say RPGs for sure. I used to be really into turn based, but after so long started to prefer action RPGs..more specifically Skyrim :p

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      1. Hey, I get that! I never used to like FPS, and now they seem to be all I play! So much fun! Can’t wait to watch your let’s plays.

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  2. Ohhh I was into FPS for a long time (Call of Duty Modern Warfare) I stopped because people on the internet tend to get a little too crazy for me…I’m getting back into them though…Titanfall…Hawken…Unturned…I’ll probably end up playing those too!

    Also open to suggestions 🙂


  3. RPGs have stolen my heart as well. Was a Halo guy for a long time…then Knights of the Old Republic happened…

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    1. To this day, I’ve invested hours into Skyrim…most of the time I don’t even do anything significant…just explore dungeons, check out new mods…etc

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