Game Reviews…With A Twist!

If you’re anything like most other gamers on the planet…you rely on game reviews from ‘professionals’ to help you decide what games to buy and play…from my personal experience, this has been both beneficial, and yet at the same time, an annoying burden.

I often find myself being mislead by game reviews, I’ll either end up buying a game that ends up being not what I was promised…or on the other end of the spectrum, I’ll end up not playing a game that ends up being amazing, and I totally miss out.

I’m not saying all game reviews are bad…or that these people don’t know what they are talking about…I do however feel that reviews are nothing but glorified opinions. 

Have you noticed that some reviews carry more weight than others do? Some reviewers will slap a gold label on a game, and just because this person has the most views on YouTube, you’re compelled to allow your opinion to be molded my what’s popular? Have you noticed that some reviews are just down right snarky? I’ve noticed this from my personal experience, in fact I’ve stopped reading certain gaming magazines because the snark was so thick at times, I could feel it hit me in the face!


Having said that…and considering the sheer amount of critics out there…I’ve decided to become one myself!

With one fundamental difference…I do not intend on having a number ranking system…


Not to say that ranking systems are bad or misleading…some people are all about numbers, and that’s how they measure things, which is OK!

Other reviews deal in absolutes…either it sucks or it doesn’t suck…which again is OK!

The general idea of my reviews will include my opinion based my personal style of gaming, and taste…and much like all of the posts I’ve published til now, and every single other post moving forward…should be taken with a grain of salt.

My goal is not to bash certain titles, while exalting others based on one or two things I do or do not like…my goal is to go into every review with an open mind, and looking at things that not just I would like…but things that others may like as well.

I think open minded impressions would be more fitting than review. I’m not going to tell you things like “OMG This game is a 10/10, go out and pre-order it now!” First of all, because won’t be getting games pre-release (I don’t got it like that) and second..because I’m merely offering my opinion…Expect to hear something more like… “If you like your games to be ______ with _______ and ______style game play…try it out!”

I find that this style of game review works best for me…it tells me what to expect…it gives me an idea of what style of game it is…and best of all it doesn’t tell me what to do.

Stay tuned for game impressions coming soon! I may end up doing some videos as well..expect mostly PC games which are either indie titles, free to play, or stuff I found for a killer deal on Steam.

Also…If you enjoy this laid back style of review not dealing in absolutes and based on legitimate time spent playing the game (not just a few hours)…check out SevenFlorins…I really dig his writing style, and he focuses on the important things us dirty casual down-to-earth gamers would look for in a solid game. Great interaction with readers as well!

Link to his blog –

Until next time heroes…this is Nero…out!

5 responses to “Game Reviews…With A Twist!”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    I’m looking forward to your reviews. I imagine we will have some different thoughts about games…that’s when things get fun. Either challenges me to come at a game with a fresh perspective or helps me solidify and understand my opinion of a game and what I look for as opposed to another person.

    I like that you’re not doing ratings. I would have done that except I needed a check to make sure I gave credit to an aspect that was good in a bad game or vise versa.

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  2. I’m looking forward to them as well! I’m confident they’ll spark up some good conversations…which is what I really love about being a gamer…

    There was this one web series called CO-OP on Revision 3 I used to watch…these guys literally had round table discussions about games, no one persons opinion was valued over another, and in the end they all came together as gamers in a positive and subjective manner.

    I think rantings are good for some…most even…but not all. It’s definitely a nice way to sum up a review. I think many critics lack the depth that I see and appreciate in your posts, which in my mind decreases credibility…it’s like writing just a thesis, without having supporting information. :p


  3. Look forward to your personalised perspective on games. I always find that it doesn’t matter how measured or concise you are with opinions, people love to discriminate against those expressions. Which I’ll admit I enjoy throughly. You just can’t enjoy a good conversation if you agree on everything?!
    Also I appreciate you following my blog, but I no longer use this site and have no idea how to change the link on my profile. If you could follow the site below instead It would be very much appreciated. I will of course return the favour. Cheers.

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    1. Thanks for the support friend! I hop we can engage in some good discussions in the future!

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