The Inner Debate – Definition..How High?

So…a little bit about me….

Since we moved to Vegas, I’ve been working at a Business Coaching Franchiser called ActionCOACH. I started off as a Marketing Assistant…since I have some background in Graphic Design and Photography (both self taught). I started taking on overflow graphics projects, and video work.

So NOW my position is Global Videographer / Marketing Assistant (still working on knocking the Assistant part off there). Until I worked here, I’ve done very little video editing myself (aside from short videos done in iMovie) so it’s given me the opportunity to do even more self learning!

Let’s get to the point shall we?

I’ve been debating with myself as to whether or not I should shoot my vlog posts in 720p or 1080p as I have a camera that can do both…

I feel like 1080p is the way to go…but will it take much longer to upload vs 720? I have super decent internet speed, so I feel like it’s worth the wait to bring you guys the highest quality I can.

I’m thinking game footage will definitely be at 1080p, while vlog posts can be 720p.

I guess I’ll try that for a while and see how y’all like it!

*Got any suggestions? Thoughts? Shoot me a message at:

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