Gaming Impression: Brawlhalla – Free To Play 4 Player Brawling Fun

Most of you are very familiar with Super Smash Bros. Therefore, most of you would agree that it’s one the most well known brawling titles…and really the first game of it’s kind as far as I know.

I’m here to talk about a different game however, a game that I would consider the coolest thing since…well…Smash Bros. The game is Brawlhalla.

Some call it “Poor man’s Smash Bros.”

Others call it “Just another Smash Bros. clone”.

I call it brilliant!


The bright colors, and varied character styles! It immediately grabbed my attention…and that title!

I first came across this in Steam, where I watched a minute long action packed trailer trailer beginning with “Finally…A brawler on PC”. It was then I had realized that I had found something I didn’t even realize I was searching for…an alternative to Smash  Bros! I had become accustomed to having Smash as the only decent brawler out there, I had never so much as entertained the thought. Now that I do my gaming primarily on PC, it seemed like the timing couldn’t be better.

I entered my details for the Beta, and received a key a few days later. I started up the game, and decided to do a little practice vs. AI controlled characters first, and eventually moving on to online pub matches which felt well balanced, competitive and very fun.

From the get-go I noticed the combat and controls were familiar, which made it very easy to get into the game.There are currently 16 playable Legends to chose from, each with similar unarmed move sets including dodging, wall run / jumps, weak and strong melee attacks.

All characters have a mix of 2 weapons, which can be picked up from specific power ups that appear in the stage or realm. This is where things get interesting, because all characters have signature power moves that are performed similar to a certain smash attack we all know  and love. All of these signature moves, have various visual effects, and hit boxes, which serve to mix up combat even further.


The weapon power ups change the tide of battle.

The stage design is simple, which is something I quite enjoy. Simple platforms with some that change locations overtime make for varied and fun matches. The vibrant art style provides each realm with it’s own unique look and feel.


I really enjoy the stage design, it would be great to see larger more complex ones in future updates.

At first the physics may seem “floaty” to some used more familiar with a certain other brawler title, but once you get used to them, it’s quite fun to try out new combos and moves. The physics also provide an equal opportunity for all players to be able to recover from devastating hits. There’s even  two alternate games modes  which I feel have been tailored for the physics of this game…Brawlball and Bombsketball. So far I’ve only played Brawlball with a few friends, and it was loads of fun.

There are several aspects that make this game successful. The game play is not overly complicated, damage your opponent enough to knock them off the stage to where they cannot recover, without getting knocked out yourself. The graphics are simple, yet beautiful, smooth and vibrant. The controls are easy to pick up, and difficult to master. All this in a free to play package? Whether you’re a casual or competitive player, I think you’ll like this game. It’s going Open Beta on November 3rd, so you’ll have chance to play it yourself very soon!

 I can only talk so much about it, so here’s some game footage of my brother and I brawling it up! (Sorry no more steam key give away…because Brawlhalla is FREE 2 Play now!

Look forward to more Brawlhalla content to come, as this has become one of my favorite games!

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