UnusualUnboxing – Motospeed V21 LED Gaming Mouse

*The opinions expressed in the blog in no way reflect the opinions of the Motospeed company. Motospeed is in no way affiliated with nor sponsoring this blog post. Think of this as just another customer review.  All images (unless stated otherwise) are owned by Motospeed and not the author.*

My first unboxing! Kick it with me for a minute while I check out the Motospeed V21 Sahara.

I ordered this mouse from everybuying.com a site based out of China. So it could take 3 months for you too…and to be honest, dealing with their customer service is a literal nightmare puzzle. So here’s a Newegg link!

Motospeed V21 Sahara – http://amzn.to/1OpcgpK

Special Feature @ 14:19

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