N3r0 Plays – FEAR 2 – 005 – “I Need Bigger Guns”


Jankowski is dead…torn to pieces by another one of those weird machines…kinda feel bad for calling him a jerk…kinda.

I can’t stop now though, I need to find 1LT Stokes and get the heck out of this place! I’ve seen enough to give me nightmares forever. Why do I feel like it’s only going to get worse for me?

I think I need bigger guns…

My failed intros were shout-outs in disguise! Except maybe Markiplier…last thing he needs from me is a shout out lol!

GimmeTheController – https://goo.gl/jMbLYt
Drunk Mike – https://goo.gl/jwE4RP
Garedactyl – https://goo.gl/w5CQ8s
James Tafaroji – https://goo.gl/N5SxTa

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