I Want To Start A YouTube Channel But…

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“I want to start a YouTube channel…but”

It’s incredible how many times I’ve heard these words in the last year. What’s even more incredible is what comes after:

“…I don’t know what kind of videos I want to create.”

“I don’t have professional gear yet…”

“I don’t know how to edit video.”

“It’ll never get me anywhere.”

“I’m camera shy / an introvert and don’t want to be on camera.”

I’ve only been creating content for YouTube for a little over a year, and I’ve learned quite a bit…not about YouTube, but myself and a little bit of how self-motivation works. I wanted to share how I was able to overcome these objections.


“I’m Camera Shy / An Introvert…”

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One of the many reasons people talk themselves out of becoming a content creator (or anything for that matter) is because it requires getting out of your comfort zone. Remember learning how to ride a bike or skateboard? Remember how frustrating and confusing it was finding your center of balance, and not only that but maintaining that balance? There’s a reason why the saying “Just like riding a bike” is so popular…it’s because it applies to everything!  YouTube is no different. For most people being on camera, especially online is way out of their comfort zone. We as humans have developed an affinity to being steady, consistent, and comfortable, so it’s only natural that there would be some resistance to trying something new.

You just have to do it though. You just have to jump in, create a profile, and start creating content.

If you’re camera shy or an introvert, I talk about being an introvert on YouTube in another blog post, where I cover some methods I personally used to overcome my innate introverted-ness.


“I don’t Have Professional Gear…”

dslr digital camera canon nikon sony video photo hd

One thing I’ve definitely learned from networking with other content creators from all walks of life; It doesn’t matter what gear you start with.

You don’t need to have a top of the line digital camera that costs thousands of dollars. You don’t need the most expensive microphone, or a soundboard. In fact most people started their YouTube channel with the most basic equipment. In an interview I had with IndieTimmie, I learned that starting out, he not only used free editing software that left a watermark on his videos, but he also used a Guitar Hero Microphone to record his audio! He now has a considerable following on YouTube. It doesn’t matter what you use to create, so long as you create. As far as selection, there’s an option for just about every level of investment.

Gaming has become huge on YouTube and current gen consoles are now beginning to have the ability to record and stream game footage. Since consoles are more affordable than an high-end recording set up, a lot of people get their start on console. If you wanted to get start a gaming channel specifically, and own a current gen console, you already what what you need to get started!

Not interested in gaming and want to film instead? You still don’t need a crazy expensive camera, as long as you have a smartphone. Most people have a studio in their pocket without even realizing it!

taking video with smartphone beach sunset iphone

Not only can most mid-to-high-end smartphones capture HD footage and images, but they also have the ability to capture clean audio by reducing background noise. You simply can’t go wrong with an iPhone it has always been known for it’s high video quality. If you’re more of an android person (like me) the LG G4 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 are both fantastic options. Neither are the absolute latest and greatest either manufacturer has to offer, but they are both extremely capable devices. Check reviews, and specifications to see which device would work best for you.

Digital cameras have also become a lot more affordable. Digital point-and-shoot cameras can be found for under $100 and often less if they go on sale. While YouTube is able to stream in super-high resolutions up to 4K now, most people still go with 720p or 1080p so a less expensive camera will be more than adequate starting out.

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are great for photography, but they are also very good for taking video as well. Most will have a limit on the length of video that can be shot, so make sure to check reviews and specifications. A good quality DSLR from Canon, Sony or Nikon can last you for many years and are a go-to for many content creators on YouTube.


“I Don’t Know What Type Of Videos I Want To Create…”

i dont know what kind of videos to make youtube content creator

Not knowing what kind of videos you want to create is OK. Vlogs, interviews, reviews, unboxings, let’s plays, podcasts, social commentary, satire…there’s tons of different kinds of videos you can create. That’s the absolute beauty of YouTube. You can pretty much create any type of content you want. In some cases, content creators don’t know the direction of their channel until they start creating.

Is there a subject or skill that you feel knowledgeable on, that you wish to share with others? Do you like interviewing people, and asking them questions so their story can be heard? Do you love video games and want to share your experience and reactions while making new friends? These are just a few questions you can begin to ask yourself when brainstorming ideas for videos… or of course you can also just hit record, and see what happens!


“I Don’t Know How To Edit Video…”

man working on computer video editing laptop youtube content creator

When it comes to editing video. It’s not as difficult as many people may think. In most cases, the complexity of your video itself is directly related to the complexity of your editing process. Not only can you find lots of free options for video editing, but they often have tutorials on YouTube which will help you get started.

Simply put, editing video is just cutting out the parts that you don’t like, or don’t look good, and sticking together the parts that do look good. There’s a lot more to it that just that, but no one becomes a professional overnight. I find that some of the best learning comes from doing.

“It’ll Never Take Me Anywhere…”


man looking over clouds on mountain i want to start a youtube channel but what if it doesnt take me anywhere

The goal of internet fame is very common among  the YouTube community. Many people start a channel with the intent of going viral, only to quit months later when their sub count isn’t where they expected it to be.

The truth is, YouTube can really take you a lot of places, just not in the ways you might expect. Maybe a production company sees one of your videos, and wants to hire you for your editing/ special effects skills. Maybe you upload a video of an animatic (moving story board) and your cartoon idea ends up getting picked up by an animation studio, or they want to hire you for your voice talents in said animatic. Those are just a few examples of how YouTube could benefit your career. So if you’re serious about getting into YouTube content creation, treat your channel like a resume, and it can definitely take you places.


I said it once and I’ll say it again, you just have to get into it and start creating. Sometimes things won’t turn out the way you envisioned them, sometimes they’ll turn out better than you envisioned them. While the basics of video editing is pretty easy to pick up, video editing is still a time consuming process and patience will be your greatest asset. As long as you have the vision, and the patience to take on whatever challenges might crop up during your project, you’re already equipped to succeed.

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