Ex Girlfriend Tries Rekindle Relationship 10 Years Later

ex girlfriend tries to rekindle relationship after 10 years

** Based on a true story. I don’t have the original conversation, so I paraphrased. hopefully the absurdity still comes through…enjoy my struggle**

I dated my first official girlfriend just out of high school (official means it lasted more than 2 months). Things started off great as most relationships do…until things…changed…and she ended up breaking up with me via text message.

I’m sparing the details, because it’s not that focus of the story here…

The focus here is the fact that she decides to wait until I get engaged (10 years later) to message me on Facebook:

Her: I’m so sad. I thought we were going to get married. I can’t believe you’re getting married.

Me: What made you think that?…You break up with me over some stupid $#!& over a text message, and now here you are 10 years later…

Her: I never stopped loving you.

Me: OK…?

Her: I’m crying

Me: What did you expect from this? For me to change my mind? For me to decide not to get married, because you sent me some random message out of the blue?!

Her: You know you don’t love her the way you love me.

Me: I don’t love you anymore though…

Her: Fine, whatever you’re just in denial . I know you’ll never lover her the way you loved me.

Me: Well if that makes you feel better I must be.

Her: Bye

That’s when she blocked me on Facebook.

I wonder if I’ll hear from her in another 10 years?

Girls are weird….

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