What Are YOU Talking About!? In Response To: Consoles Will Always Be Better Than PC

What Are YOU Talking About!? In Response To: Consoles Will Always Be Better Than PC

My first response video! I respond to The Rated D. He thinks console gaming is BETTER than PC gaming and always will be. He lists his reasons why…I decided to respond point by point with my own thoughts (without making fun of or roasting anyone)

My Starting Build: https://goo.gl/2D5Z3J
(I already had a keyboard, mouse, headphones, and used my TV as a monitor starting out which is why they aren’t included)

Original Video – https://goo.gl/OSXHo0

Articles Regarding Pirating Ubisoft Games:
PC Gamer Article – https://goo.gl/DSpDCF
Cinema Blend Article – https://goo.gl/uKv75G
Games Industry Biz Article – https://goo.gl/ggc9HG
Reddit Discussion – https://goo.gl/sgmJRp

List of PC Games: https://goo.gl/Ji26wH

What Is An APU? – https://goo.gl/W7TMKL

Petition Definition – https://goo.gl/jZFhCz

Channels Mentioned:

The Rated D – https://goo.gl/1I4768
JayzTwoCentz – https://goo.gl/jto2oF
BitWit – https://goo.gl/YxSFfW
Paul’s Hardware – https://goo.gl/QUkjWk
Joanne Tech Lover – https://goo.gl/QfYCvu

My Blog – nerothehero.me
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nerotheheroblog
Twitter: https://twitter.com/N3r0TheH3r0
Tumblr – http://n3r0theh3r0.tumblr.com/
GooglePlus – https://goo.gl/5PrUyD


Crispy Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/themostcrispy
The Descent – https://goo.gl/zuiu5W
Wavey – https://goo.gl/ZM75rx
Stars Above – https://goo.gl/Asqcvw
Lost Memories – https://goo.gl/UhD7e0

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