N3r0TheH3r0 Responds: How To Win A PC Vs Console Debate (Console Is Better) Mr. NoobTubeGamer

digital video game downloads vs physical gaming media

I respond to the first half of Mr. NoobTubeGamer’s video…like a gentleman!

Argument #2

#350-$800 Gaming PC Build (Reddit Wiki) – https://goo.gl/42zqVl
PC Gaming Build 300 (YouTube) – https://goo.gl/08ywoM
$350 Gaming PC Build 2016 – https://goo.gl/bhsmJu
$500-600 Gaming PC Build (Reddit Wiki) – https://goo.gl/N6ItaV
Potato Masher – https://goo.gl/o8Xzn8

Argument #3

AMD Gaming Evolved – https://goo.gl/wgIWr7
Nvidia Shadowplay – https://goo.gl/INqBQh
PSN Features – https://goo.gl/6mbiqX
Xbox Live Features – https://goo.gl/McStLp
Hidden Steam Features – https://goo.gl/cuFHfC
PC Exclusive – https://goo.gl/l1kVuf


Argument #4

Star Citizen
Civilization 6
World Of Warcraft
Ashes Of The Singularity
League Of Legends
Unreal Tournament 4
Black Desert Online
Star Dew Valley
Star Craft 2
Path of Exile
Heroes Of The Storm


All music featured in this video are produced by Crispy Cloud:

Playlist (In order played)

Crispy Cloud Sound Cloud – https://soundcloud.com/themostcrispy

1. Electro Swing
2. Fantasy
3. Let Me Be
4. Suburban Sunset
5. The Place To Be (Crispy Brown Remix)
6. Oooooooh-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaa
7. The Descent
8. Lost Memories

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Tumblr – http://n3r0theh3r0.tumblr.com/
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