How To Overcome Self Consciousness When Recording

When it came to recording my voice, I used to be very self conscious. Here’s some methods I use that helped me to overcome self my consciousness. Hopefully these help you as well!

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1. Throw Away Take – 1:14
2. Monitor Your Recording – 1:53
3. Repetition – 3:11
4. Listen To Yourself IRL (Think Out Loud) – 4:28
5. Pretend You’re Talking To Someone You Like – 5:56
6. Remember…It’s All In Your Head! – 7:24

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I do my best to make sure that the quality of my videos steadily increases. I do this by doing a few different things, and I wanted to share them with you guys because some of you want to get into YouTube, Podcasting, Voice Acting, or some other type of media that involves recording your lovely voice.

  • Some of the things that I do either prior to or during, or after my recording sessions are…
    • Listening to my recordings immediately after a short test session.
      • This helps me figure out what type of sound I’m looking for in that particular video.
    • Monitoring my voice during recording (that’s when I have my mic audio playback in my headphones as I’m speaking)
      • Some of you out there would rather…not do that…because you don’t like the sound of your own voice. It’s time that you got over that, because if you want to get into YouTube, Voice Acting, Podcasting, You’re most likely doing your own editing, so you’ll be hearing yourself A LOT!
  • Remember, you are your own harshest critic, why? I dunno…but stop it! Just kidding..I know it’s not THAT easy…but it is pretty simple…hear me out for a sec
    • There are ways to overcome this irrational disdain for your own voice. One way I was able to overcome this, is by repetition, not only did I listen to my own recordings over and over, I also listened to myself speaking IRL over and over.
      • By that I literally mean, talk to yourself and listen to yourself while you talk…One thing I do now when I’m planning what to say for my next video is think out loud when I’m walking to work, or if I’m in the car driving somewhere.
  • “But Nero, I can’t do that, I’ll look and sound crazy!”
    • Well…maybe, if you do this while in line to order a sammich, then possibly?
    • I’m talking about doing this in a more private setting, like I said I’m usually walking to work, at home while doing chores, or in my car driving somewhere.
      • The more you do this, the more you’ll get used to it…I promise.
  • Another trick I like to use is, when speaking, pretend that I’m speaking to someone I know really well. Someone who I know I can speak to easily.
    • I found that this helped me a TON, especially starting out.
    • It makes the “conversation” more personal, therefore more relaxed and laid back.
    • Imagine a close friend is asking you a question that involves the content of your video or podcast…or better yet imagine you’re telling a story to a friend!
    • One of my very early videos was a vlog called Gamer Vs. Moving. It was me talking to the camera about my shitty moving experience 2 years ago…our movers canceled on us at the last second…we had to move all of our stuff in the middle of summer time IN THE NEVADA DESERT…the moving truck we rented had a major gas leak, and at some point I was literally standing in a puddle of gasoline while trying to refill the tank before returning it…it was dope. I was 100% nervous about making that video, but I just pretended I was telling the story to a buddy of mine. It made the whole thing way easier.
      • My point is this…self consciousness is a thing that happens. We’re humans dangit. Some people have an easier time overcoming this than others…but the absolute best way to improve a skill, or overcome a personal challenge such as hating the way you sound or the feeling self  consciousness…PRACTICE! Yep, I used to not even like having regular conversations IRL, because I was A) self conscious about how I sounded and B) I’m an introvert by nature. I was able to overcome this by pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone, at first it sucked…A LOT, mostly because I didn’t want to. I felt awkward, and like no one liked how I sounded, or even wanted to hear what I had to say to begin with because of how I sounded….here’s the thing though…it was ALL IN MY HEAD. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. 95% of the negative BS that’s got you so worried about how you look or sound comes from you. Sure someone might say “Your voice sounds a little off/weird” or “Maybe do something about that haircut” once or twice…but you repeat it in your head hundreds, and thousands of times…at the end of the day it’s just someone else’s opinion, which they are allowed to have…don’t let it shape who you are though.

These are just things that work for me personally, so feel free to try any of them out! Let me know if this video has helped you at all or if you tried any of these things and they worked for you. Also in the comments below share a tip or trick that DOES work for you that I didn’t mention. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments!


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