The LoDown – MetroidVania Games W/ IndieTimmie

IndieTimmie is back on the channel, and today we’ll be rambling about Metroidvania games, what they are, and what they have done for the gaming industry/community.

Be sure to check out IndieTimmie’s channel after watching this video. He puts up regular gaming content, that you’ll surely enjoy.

IndieTimmies Channel –

Games Mentioned:

Shadow Complex –

Dead Cells –

Marrow –

Jotun –

Fortnite –

My Discord Server! –
My Blog –
Facebook –
Tumblr –
GooglePlus –

Music: Monstercat –

Mindsight & Duumu – What Feels Right
Savoy & Grabbitz – Contemplate
Seven Lions & Echos – Cold Skin (The Remixes)
Rameses B – Nova
PYLOT – Shadowtask – Data
PYLOT – Shadowtask – Locke
PYLOT – Shadowtask – Shadowtask
Eminence & Alex Klingle – Hollow Mind EP – 04 Altitude (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Grant – Are We Still Young (feat. Jessi Mason) – 01 Are We Still Young (feat. Jessi Mason)

Royalty Free Planet –
Home – Without Sound

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