RAID World War II Beta Preview

Most of us are familiar with Payday 2. Now owners of the first person movie heist simulator have access to a new game from Lion Game Lion.

In a style very similar to Payday 2, Raid takes place in Europe during WWII in an alternate timeline where the Nazi regime is winning. It’s your job to stop them… by stop I mean kill.

While the game play is nothing unfamiliar, the world war 2 setting adds a drastic change to the game world. Historic weapons replace modern ones, Nazi soldiers replace cops, and the money of corrupt businesses is replaced with Nazi gold.

Much like Payday 2 you have a main base where you prepare for and accept various missions, from raiding bases to simply locating Nazi camps and removing them from said camps, with bullets.

There’s 4 characters to choose from representing Great Britain, USA, Germany and the Soviet Union. There are also 4 classes to chose from; Recon, assault, insurgent or demolitions. Each with their own respective skill tree.

There is also a War Cry which is a powerful used to turn the tide of battle. Each class has it’s own War Cry with varying effects. For example, if a player activates the War Cry BERSERK, players won’t consume ammo for a limited time – so they’re free to blast away.

This game is currently in Beta, and can be accessed one of two ways. By either owning Payday 2 or by pre-ordering Raid on Steam.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this games development, so stay tuned for more information on Raid World War II

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