Random Acts Of Game – Skyrim Photography

I always wondered how they did such cool screen shots in the gaming magazines I used to read a bunch…So last night I booted up Skyrim…discovered that I can toggle free roaming camera by putting “tfc” into the console… entering “tfc 1” not only toggles the free camera…but freezes everything in place as well!

Oh and “tm” removes ALL menus and HUD…keep in mind this also removes the console itself!

Enjoy my amateur Skyrim photography 🙂

*I have quite a few mods

The Mage Academy photo 2015-08-12_00005_zpsuzfydoky.jpg

Huntress photo ScreenShot5_zpscmrlxfl6.png

Companions photo 2015-08-12_00007_zpskm6udgzr.jpg

 photo 2015-08-11_00002_zpswmfke1br.jpg

 photo 2015-08-11_00001_zpstzwri7l8.jpg

Sitting photo Aela_zpsow92rc62.jpg

4 responses to “Random Acts Of Game – Skyrim Photography”

  1. You know I could never get into this game…but it is lovely.

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  2. I’ve been hooked since Morrowind! Probably the only western RPG I’ve fully enjoyed (thus far..I’m yet to try The Witcher series) To this day I haven’t completed the “main story” I always end up getting side tracked, and doing or discovering something epic!

    I will admit that I’m running some mods to make it look a little prettier. Mostly HD textures and a saturation boost…this game still has aged very well though. Especially with the modding community it has! There are some modders that develop content that rivals full on DLC! It’s pretty awesome 🙂

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    1. Isn’t this the same company that does Fallout? I could see you getting excited about Fallout 4. I never got in to Fallout or Elder Scrolls. I tried but maybe I couldn’t appreciate them yet. They felt too overwhelming…much more so than The Witcher.

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  3. Oh man, I feel you there. Bethesda games have a lot of moving parts..it can get pretty meta sometimes lol. I was never into post-apocalyptic type stuff before…but maybe it’s time to branch out! I heard good things about 3, and it’s pretty inexpensive on Steam now!


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