Should I Get Into PC Gaming?

This blog is for anyone who is considering making the switch to PC gaming. I wanted to address some of my concerns, as well as the great advantages that came from making the switch.

The Next Natural Step

I have been a console gamer since I was very young. From the Sega Master System to the Xbox 360 I owned several consoles, and even more games. At the time I was neck deep into Skyrim on the Xbox 360. My good buddy who’s just as much into The Elder Scrolls as I am (part of why we are such good buddies) were having a conversation about Skyrim when we started talking about PC gaming.

To sum it up, he told me that consoles are just dumb PC’s and for the price of a new console I could have a PC that could not only run it at max settings, but at 60fps. Most people who are “ride-or-die” for their console would have become irritated at the “dumb PC” remark. However, I’m fairly tech savvy, and already knew this about consoles, but always gravitated toward them for simplicity sake (as well as price). Be that as it may, I can’t help but respect the objective approach. I was intrigued.

Graphics & Performance

Here’s a list of parts for my current build: 

PCPartPicker part list:
Price breakdown by merchant:

When it comes to graphics, my expectations are high, but not lofty. Unless a game was meant to be ran at high definition graphics, I won’t expect it to.Skyrim was one of my big reasons for wanting to switch. I wanted to enhance my gaming experience, so as to become even more immersed when I entered the game world. Here’s some sample footage from Skyrim Special Edition and Tom Clancy’s The Division

The EVGA GTX 750 SC 1GB is my current GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for the same price, you can easily afford a GTX 1050 or even a 1060 for a bit more which are the latest and greatest entry and mi-tier GPUs from the Nvida lineup.

Saving Money

Between services like Steam,G2A, Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, and Good Ol’ Games (GOG) I save a lot of money on my games. Since there’s no manufacturing, shipping, or marketing costs to account for, game keys can be sold for significantly lower prices than physical media.

Since games are cheaper on PC, I often find myself buying multiple copies of games to give away to friends, or use for giveaways on my channel.

Content Creation

I had also taken an interest in YouTube. I wanted to start a channel, and create content. On top of that my MacBook Pro which I had used primarily for Graphic Design, had decided it didn’t want to go on anymore. Given that, investing in a machine that would allow me to game, and create content just seemed like the next natural step.

Choose What Is Right For YOU

At the end of the day, you should choose the platform that best suits your current needs. I started doing videos like this because I noticed that there are a lot of Pro-Console / Anti-PC Gaming content creators that spread false information, in order to make console gaming seem like the only true option for the optimal gaming experience. I want to present my fellow consumers with the correct information, so that they can make their own buying decision.

If you think PC gaming may be right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community. There are lots of PC gamers that are more than happy to help you get started into PC gaming. There’s also tons of guides on YouTube that can also help you get into PC gaming, whether it’s going pre-built or building it yourself.

I hope you found this useful. If you had any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or on Twitter @N3r0theH3r0.

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