The LoDown on Vivian


Today I’m rambling about one of the newer additions to Paladins Champions of The Realm… Vivian The Cunning. She’s a light machine gun toting Magistrate official who uses sensor drones to track her enemies every move, and sentinal drones to provide even more firepower when she needs it. I talk about her abilities, talents (formerly Legendaries) and a loadout I came up with that has served me well so far in TDM.

I like her design, she kind of looks like a character you might see in a Dishonored or Bioshock game.

A few things I noticed after recording this:

• Her deflector shield only protects from damage directly from the front, and does not protect your feet.
• The Sentinel Drone ULT can be recharged WHILE YOU HAVE IT DEPLOYED. That’s kinda nuts :p
• A solid damage with wrecker and or buldozer can counter your deflector shield and sentinel drones respectively.
• Due to slower movement speed, a good flank and easily get the jump onher (unless you have a speed buff loadout, or nimble).

Play Paladins (it’s free):
Latest Patch notes:

Original Key binds:
Q – Ability 1
F – Ability 2
E – Ultimate Ability

Music Provided By Birocratic
Album: Beets 3

2. Celery Man
3. Garoto
4. May
5. Noreste
6. Forumula Fun
7. Favela Beat
8. Disembark

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